You may be asking yourself why you would consider renting to own. Many people have never entered a rent to own store, and may not have an accurate idea of how it works. While it is great to be able to simply buy your items outright, this is not always a viable option.


Say you want to buy a new sofa. You look at one you think looks good, and sitting on it in the retail store for a minute gives you the impression it's comfortable. You shell out $700, borrow a friends truck to haul it home yourself, or pay the high delivery fee from the retail store, and get it home. Once it's in your living room, you realize it really doesn't match your decor. That's ok. It's still comfy, right? After a couple of months your back aches every time you sit in this sofa, but you're out the $700, and you're stuck with the un-matching, uncomfortable sofa.

Now, say you went into a rent to own store. You see the same sofa. Instead of handing out an entire $700 at once on a sofa you may end up not liking, you pay a small weekly fee, maybe $20. Delivery fee is $5, and we bring it to your house, and set it up where you want it. A few months go buy, you hate the sofa. Instead of being out the entire cost of the sofa and being stuck with it, you go back to the store, set up a time to have the sofa picked up, and we can even bring you a new sofa that may be more to your liking. If you decide this is the sofa for you, you can even pay it off in our convenient 120 days same-as-cash period! And while your renting, if something goes wrong with your sofa, say the recliner stops reclining, we'll take care of it, usually at no cost to you!

Another great convenience is the flexible pay periods. Lets say on your budget you simply can't come up with $700 for that sofa all at once. And in today's economy, who can? Say you get paid biweekly. We can set up your payments so you can come in every 2 weeks and make a payment. And if you can't make the 120 days same as cash, most of our items will be paid off within 1-2 years, or you could payoff early with income tax and save even more!

We also don't base our rentals on credit. So if you have bad credit, or no credit, you may still be able to come in and get that sofa that you've been wanting!